#7 Josh and a Lady: Amanda Barker

Amanda Barker actress, comedian, and regular on Humble and Fred sits in the lady seat this week. Topics include:

  • Cancer hilarity!
  • Josh’s Exhibition Date.
  • Oddball Comedy mis-orders comics.
  • Comedian Sebastian Maniscalco.
  • Amanda’s first date was at 12.
  • 16 year old Josh dated a 26 year old.
  • Bidet toilet seat saga.
  • Are Josh’s farts Febreeze-proof?
  • Pant shitting.
  • Josh hates needles.
  • Amanda faints.
  • TIFF meh.
  • Time travel?


If you want to follow Amanda on Twitter – and why wouldn’t you? – she’s here. You can also catch her on The Humble and Fred Show.

And please hit up iTunes, and give it a high-5! (stars) Link is on the player below.


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