Box De Tuesday

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One of the weirdest one-hit wonders on Josh’s Big Box O CDs today. You’ve more than likely heard the song (or a cover version of it) in a commercial or a movie - most notably the Mike Myers film So I Married An Axe Murderer. Another cover version is in an ad for birth control pills, which is funny, as it’s a song about heroin. The band has a pretty bizarre history, and from the looks of it lead singer/guitarist Lee Maver’s perfectionism and/or volatile personality killed the chances for this band. They reunited briefly for some festivals in 2005. Pearl Jam covered another of their songs - Timeless Melody - during a 2000 concert in London. The band: The LA’s. The song: There She Goes.

OK GO Interview

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okgo_banner_agaete.jpgYesterday afternoon, before their sold out show with Silversun Pickups and Snow Patrol, Damien from OK GO gave me a call. Here’s how that chat went:

OK GO Interview

Peter Bjorn and John Interview

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writersblock300.jpgI spoke to Bjorn, the singer (and whistler) from Peter Bjorn and John not too long ago. They do the song Young Folks, which people often call “the whistling song.” He was in a studio in Stockholm Sweden. Here’s the audio:

Peter Bjorn and John Interview

Monday’s Box

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A little bit of Canadian goodness on Josh’s Big Box O CDs today. I am convinced that if this song was by a band on a major label, it would’ve been a giant hit. It has essences of Coldplay and U2, but without Bono’s pomposity. John Mullane has a great, gritty but tender, quality to his voice. The band won a bunch of East Coast Music Awards and the video for this song was nominated for a Juno Award. The band is from Nova Scotia, and they’re called In-Flight Safety, the song Coast is Clear.

I’m Pregnant!

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I spent Easter Sunday afternoon with a gathering of relatives - aunt, uncle, cousins, cousins’ husbands, a bunch of kids made by cousins and cousins’ husbands - out in Cochrane. My one cousin Genevieve is 7-months pregnant and has a big tummy. Her daughter Nashke is 19 months?old, and when I took off my sweater?and just had a T-shirt on, she pointed at my stomach and said “baby.” Ouch! After?a spanking, and a long time out, I tried to explain to her?that I need to get in shape. OK. There was no spanking or timeout - just some laughter. At my expense. I definitely need to get in shape. Before I moved to Calgary I would walk everywhere and was playing?in a hockey league twice a week. I came to Calgary at the beginning of January and have played hockey once. I try to get out walking on the weekends. I spend 5 hours a day sitting on a small padded seat in an RV. It’s like being in the zoo. I have a well appointed cage, can get up, but can’t really go very far…and occasionally strangers will feed me.

The good news? I’m?going to play some summer hockey twice a week starting soon, I’ve settled into my place and might actually eat in at least once a week, and the novelty of having lots of beers with new radio?friends has worn off. A little. Plus it’s?getting warm (hopefully!) and I’m going to try and walk more. Here’s some pics of me with some of my cousins’?hilariously hurtful children:


(The one who made the “baby” comment is in the front)

Thursday Box

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Today Josh’s Big Box O CDs featured an alt-country style song with a twist. It’s by The Lemonheads? A.KA. Evan Dando - who is actually a straight guy. The Lemonheads put out a new album out at the end of ‘06 and are on this years Coachella. The song’s called Big Gay Heart and Chloe Sevigny makes a cameo in the video.

More hate

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Got this email today from someone whose e-mail name is “nickthehottie@_____.” I’ve left out the domian, cause I’m an ass, but not a huge ass. You’d think this Nick (if it’s a guy that’s really pathetic, if it’s a girl, ummm, still pathetic) would be too busy primping and working on being a “hottie” to find time to write. In any case here’s the e-mail under the subject?line?”PLAY MUSIC”:



My reply:

Hi Nick,

Your radio has buttons on it, right? Feel free to use them. Have an excellent Easter weekend.




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It drives me crazy to see people throwing garbage on the street, especially when there are garbage cans every half block or so downtown. Take some pride in where you live! If I’m walking behind someone and they throw a piece of trash on the ground, I’ll usually say something like “excuse me, I think you dropped something” which sort of lets them off the hook, but makes them pick it up. Cigarettes are a whole other matter. For some reason there’s a bit of a double-standard for smokers, who are perfectly at ease tossing their garbage (butts) wherever they please. I sort of understand a little bit on the streets, as there’s no real disposal provided, and nobody wants to start a garbage fire. But as far as I know, most vehicles still come with ashtrays, for those too stubborn to quit. Yet, every day you see people throwing their butts out the window. Take responsibility for your bad habit! If you have to smoke - don’t throw the butt out the window. It’s garbage. And even more importantly, if you’re considerate enough to use the ashtray, dumping the entire contents of the ashtray on the street is total douchebaggery.

word up

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We haven’t done this for awhile, so here are some new words and phrases to add to your vocab:

  • Dumbiot: Someone who is both dumb and an idiot.
  • Man session: When a group of men get together to hang out and do manly stuff. Typically the group consists of five or more men, however, depending on how manly each man is, the group may be smaller or larger.
  • March sadness: As opposed to March Madness, March Sadness is the deep, depressing feeling that comes when the NCAA tournament is over.
  • Moleculed: To be mocked and ridiculed, made to feel especially small and insignificant.
  • Negative gap: The measurement, in inches, of ho much fat of an obese person is resting on a table at an eating establishment.
  • Phobiphobia: The fear of fear itself.

Wednesday Box

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Josh’s Big Box O CDs today featured an iTunes live performance of Interpol’s song Evil. Interpol is playing a sold-out X92.9?show here in Calgary on April 22nd at Mac Ballroom.

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