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It drives me crazy to see people throwing garbage on the street, especially when there are garbage cans every half block or so downtown. Take some pride in where you live! If I’m walking behind someone and they throw a piece of trash on the ground, I’ll usually say something like “excuse me, I think you dropped something” which sort of lets them off the hook, but makes them pick it up. Cigarettes are a whole other matter. For some reason there’s a bit of a double-standard for smokers, who are perfectly at ease tossing their garbage (butts) wherever they please. I sort of understand a little bit on the streets, as there’s no real disposal provided, and nobody wants to start a garbage fire. But as far as I know, most vehicles still come with ashtrays, for those too stubborn to quit. Yet, every day you see people throwing their butts out the window. Take responsibility for your bad habit! If you have to smoke - don’t throw the butt out the window. It’s garbage. And even more importantly, if you’re considerate enough to use the ashtray, dumping the entire contents of the ashtray on the street is total douchebaggery.

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