10 Ways to Live Longer

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oldman.jpg#1.)  AVOID DRUGS.  Obviously, you wouldn’t want to do hard drugs.  We ALL know that stuff kills.  But if you can, don’t use antibiotics all the time, either.  It’ll weaken your immune system, so you’ll get sick a lot easier. 

#2.)  FLOSS (???).  Flossing actually SAVES LIVES.  It gets rid of plaque between teeth, which is basically a thick coating of bacteria.  Plaque has been linked with cardiovascular disease AND stroke in adults over 25.   

#3.)  HAVE LOTS OF SEX.  Sex is a great workout for your body . . . it makes you happy (–most of the time) . . . and it’s also is great for keeping your immune system strong. 

#4.)  PLAY WITH YOUR DOG OR CAT.  Pets come in contact with good germs that support your immune system . . . and these germs help you to be healthier and stronger. 

#5.)  EAT SEVERAL TIMES DURING THE DAY.  The whole “three meals a day” thing actually isn’t all that healthy anymore.  It’s better to eat MORE than that, but in smaller portions, because it keeps you from overeating and getting chubbier. 

#6.)  DON’T YELL AT PEOPLE.  Yelling at people tells your immune system that you want to FIGHT.  In some instances, this can make your immune system overactive . . . causing it to actually attack your own organs.  

#7.)  SLEEP.  This is really the only time your body and your immune system have to relax and repair.  So stick to the old rule of trying to get at least eight hours a night. 

#8.)  EXERCISE.  This one is pretty much a given.  When you exercise, your body is healthier, and you live longer. 

#9.)  EAT RIGHT.  You need to have all the right vitamins and minerals a day to prevent your immune system from weakening. 

#10.)  GET SOME SUN.  Don’t OVEREXPOSE yourself to the sun, but at least 20 minutes of sun exposure a day gives you enough Vitamin D for your body’s needs.

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