Bizarre Baseball Injuries

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Y’know these types of injuries would never fly in hockey. Hockey players take pride in their toughness and durability. Baseball players? Well…

  • Roger Craig (Giants) - Cut his hand on a bra strap.
  • Ryan Klesko (Braves) - Once overexerted himself and pulled a muscle while picking up his lunch tray.
  • Wade Boggs (Red Sox) - Injured himself while pulling on his cowboy boots.
  • Kevin Mitchell (Mets/Giants) - The master of all bizarre injuries, he once injured himself while eating a cupcake. That, of course, was when he wasn’t missing games because of vomiting-induced muscle strains, or strained eyelids.
  • Ken Griffey, Jr. (Mariners) - Missed a game after suffering a pinched testicle from his protective cup.
  • Jose Cardenal (Cubs) - Missed a game in 1974 because he couldn’t blink.
  • Vince Coleman (Cardinals) - Missed the 1985 World Series after getting rolled up in the tarp machine.
  • John Smoltz (Braves) - Once burned his chest while ironing a shirt, which he was still wearing.
  • Carlos Perez (Expos) - Broke his nose in a car accident while trying to pass the team bus.
  • Doc Gooden (Mets) - Missed a start when Vince Coleman accidentally struck him with a golf club in the clubhouse.
  • Ricky Bones (Marlins) - Went on the disabled list in 2000 after injuring himself while changing channels on the clubhouse TV.
  • Greg Harris (Rangers) - Injured his wrist while flicking sunflower seeds in the dugout


Telemarketing Tranny

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We get lots of telemarketing calls to the station. I got caught a little off guard when the telemarketer asked for a specific woman. Well, I decided to be a woman, sort of. Listen:

Telemarketing Tranny Audio

Stalker Plays With Food

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Just when you think it can’t get stranger with my “biggest fan” this call comes in. She’s babysitting again, and feeding the baby…and it goes weirdly downhill from there. Listen:

Stalker Wants to Feed Me

Pole Lot of Fun!

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Colin Sprake, a former rugby player in South Africa, came up with a business he calls “A Pole Lot of Fun”. Anyone who wants to buy into the business pays Sprake $5,000 and he sets them up with everything they need to start hosting their own “pole-dancing parties” for all of their friends. If you are interested in learning more about this lucrative business go to

Return of the Stalker

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It’s been a few months since I’ve heard from my biggest fan. After her last call, she just kind of disappeared. Well, yesterday she called out of the blue, and explained where she’d been. It was a long call, so I’ve broken it into two parts. Listen:

Stalker September 5th #1

Stalker September 5th #2 

David Cook Request: Denied

Audio, Music, Phonecall, Strange 2 Comments » get requests for all kinds of songs. Some great, some OK, some bad, and some strange. When this guy called asking for David Cook, the name seemed vaguely familiar, and I wish it had remained that way:

David Cook Call

Greg is a Weird Dude - Food is Bad

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broccoli.jpgThe more one gets to know Greg (X92.9 evening/weekend guy), the weirder he becomes. According to Greg, there is no food that’s good for you. Every food is inherently bad. Yeah, I know. Listen:

Greg thinks food is bad

Greg is a Weird Dude - Pita

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Pita PitGreg (X92.9 evening/weekend guy) and I often get pitas from our pal Cregg at the 17th Ave. Pita Pit. Sometimes I’ll head over there to get Greg’s pita, and I take his order. What is his usual Pita Pit order? Triple-chicken and honey mustard. Period. No veggies at all. Seems kinda strange, but as usual he has some twisted logic to explain:

Greg’s Pita

Greg is a Weird Dude - Showering

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ShoweringIs it really neccesary to shower more than once in an 8-hour period, if all you’ve done is sit behind a desk and talked occasionally. Especially if, like Greg, you claim to never sweat, even when strenuously excercising? Well, Greg thought he needed a shower before the movie, the second shower in 8 hours. Listen:

Greg wants a shower

Greg is a Weird Dude - Restaurants

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MMM...plain white riceGreg and I often hang out and go to grab food at restaurants. Trying to find a restaurant that meets with Greg’s strict, but crazy, needs is a giant pain. We recently went to a restaurant in an old house, with a really nice diverse menu. I found it delicious! Whitebread (Greg) didn’t enjoy it nearly as much. Listen:

Greg and Restaurants

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