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The Feed Radio Show

I’ve started work with my old friend Chris on a weekly CBC-style news magazine on 105.9 The Region. Unlike the CBC, there’s only two of us putting the whole thing together. Please have a listen to the first three... read more

Writing for Radio

Well, I just moved, and I think we can all agree, moving is a giant pain in the ass. There was a small, nostalgic silver lining in this move, as I found a bunch of CDs with commercials I’ve written over the last 20 years or so. I’ve got stuff from everywhere I’ve done radio creative, save for the CBC, though you’ll definitely find some CBC creative in the form of interstitials on... read more

Hero Charles Ramsey given the autotune

Yet another great piece autotuning the news from The Gregory Brothers: read more

smash, smash, SMASH!

As promised, here’s the autotune of Kai the Hitchhiker…... read more