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Craigslist Catch: Hunging Out

No harm in just hunging out is there?... read more

French Language Radio Hoax

One of my favourite radio hosting moments happened quite spontaneously, when I was hosting an evening shift on 102.1 The Edge back in the early 00s. I had a friend (Rachelle) visiting the studio who happened to be fluent in French, so I thought for fun, between one of the first couple of songs, I’d have her speak a little. The phones buzzed right away, and I ran with it the rest of the evening. The... read more

The Stench of Honolulu

Book recommendation. If you enjoyed the style of Deep Thoughts, you’ll really enjoy The Stench of Honolulu: A Tropical Adventure. Very funny read. Don’t believe me? You jerk! Check out a sample from The New... read more

Mom’s Shoveling Voicemail

My mother winters in Florida. Her home in Toronto has a heated driveway. It stopped working this past winter. She left a voicemail for me – her grown-up son – about it. Sarah = my sister visiting Florida The Doctor, Hannah = Neighbors Alex = Family... read more