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Plenty of Fish Catch of the Day

I’ve been online dating for awhile, and I think Plenty of Fish may have found me my perfect match. I’m simple man. I can swimming. basket... read more

Mistaken Identity

From a few years back, I mistake an Asian man in the street for my father. read more

Guy Rides Bike Through Costco

This guy seems very very familiar. read more

Scamming Scammers

I had this up on a previous version of my site, but it got lost in transition. Thought I’d re-post the story and pics. It started when I went to sell my sweet blue lady on Craigslist. Not long after I got a response: And then the fake PayPal emails came: And hilariously, a fake notice about online fraud. Oh no, not legal action!!!!??? If you liked this you might like messing with telemarketers,... read more