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David Attenborough and Blind Baby Rhino

I’m a huge animal lover, and an equally huge fan of David Attenborough‘s legacy of work in this area. He’s amazing. From his Blue Planet and Planet Earth to his most famous Life series, he does fascinating work. This is a great clip of him interacting with a baby rhinoceros with... read more

West of Memphis

Got a chance to check out the new documentary West of Memphis, about the West Memphis 3. Years ago I’d watched the Paradise Lost documentaries on the same subject. The great thing about the new film, is that it covers the whole story, beginning to end – in this case freedom. Although I use the term “end” loosely, as justice has not been served, and a murderer is living free.... read more

Searching for Sugar Man

I book-ended my long weekend with documentaries. Earlier today I watched Searching for Sugar Man. The first thing I need to say is: go see it! It’s a combination mystery and music doc, and fantastic story about a Detroit-based musician – Rodriguez –  who put out two albums in the early 1970s, and then disappeared. The albums flopped in North America, and  Rodriguez, well, disappeared. On... read more

Hell and Back Again

Went to Hell and Back Again (well, I personally didn’t go to hell and back today – that’s the movie title) today at the Bloor Hot Docs Cinema. It’s also out on DVD, but seeing it on the big screen really immerses you in the battle scenes. It juxtaposes and intercuts scenes of one specific soldier in Afghanistan, and at home after returning wounded – both physically and... read more