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Craigslist Catch of the Day: Wrasslin’

I like the idea of the coffee interview to see if you qualify for wrestling a... read more

Craigslist Catch: Creepy Boss

$48,000 a year, plus benefits! Unfortunately, you’re the one providing the... read more

Craigslist Catch of the Day

Ladies? This ones for you. Now, if he ever gets a date, will he hire someone to feed him his side of a conversation over an... read more

Jian Ghomeshi

I always got the pretentious creep vibe from Jian Ghomeshi when I’d see him on television, even before I ever had any interaction with him. In July of 2009 – before I worked at CBC Radio – I saw him at a Just for Laughs “Sarah Silverman and Friends” show at Massey Hall. It was before the show, and he was standing up in the center aisle looking around. I tweeted something to... read more