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Radio Life Interview

I was interviewed last year for a radio industry website. Here’s the transcript: How did your radio passion begin? I loved listening to the radio as a child. It started with CHUM FM, when it was still a rock station. I remember calling up the morning show as a little kid with a joke: “How can you tell Ronald McDonald at a nudist camp? By the sesame seeds on his buns.” I loved Dr. Demento and the... read more

It’s a Sign

Those signs at the airport are tough to... read more

10 Questions (about radio) with Josh Holliday from 2006

I found an old link for this bit I did with All Access, a big radio industry website. They have a weekly feature called On The Beach (an old radio term for being between gigs – guess it’s better than Wallowing in Self Pity, Thinking I’ll Never Work Again.) It was April 2006, after 102.1 the Edge, and before X92.9. Please begin by giving us a brief career history … For the last 13... read more

Sports Gut “Construction” commercial for Pro-Line

I made this during the summer, and it generally runs during sports shows and Leaf games in Ontario. I call this character “Lazy, pessimistic construction worker.” read more