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#11 Josh and a Lady with Eileen Ross

Eileen Ross settles in to her permanent spot on the lady chair, where we talk about a whole slew of things, including: Thanksgiving. Bidet toilet finally working. Beer can tosser. Cirque contortionist freak. Insulin pump hacking. Pig helping lady. Trump dummies. Are there funny republicans? Humans age maximum 115. Luke Cage too black? Josh’s jet pack fantasy. Brain games don’t help brain.... read more

#9 Josh and a Lady with Eileen Ross

Eileen Ross has a new bad habit, and it’s Josh and a Lady. She makes her 3rd appearance this week, where topics include: First day of Fall. Ugggh Winter. Explaining the future. Sad-iversary. Sia song. Dad jokes. Spiders. Married at First Sight’s giant D-bag Ryan. Trump for dum-dums. Creative first dates. Five second rule. What’s your sign? Microwave man.   Eileen’s on social... read more

Most Sane and Most Insane Responses to Obama Victory

I’ve found two video clips that highlight the best and the worst responses to Obama’s reelection. We’ll start with the insane, because it’s always more entertaining. Despite the long stretches of blackness, this is a video, though the audio is the best part. Audio NSFW: Unfortunately imbedding is disabled, so you’ll have to visit Obama Was Re-Elected – I’m pissed... read more

Obama U2 Oops

Was watching the Democratic National Convention tonight, and noticed a bit a poor, though obviously unintentional choice in music. The DNC killed the RNC overall. When Obama was introduced and came out to accept the nomination U2‘s song City of Blinding Lights played. On the surface, no big deal right? U2 played it live at his inauguration, it has  themes of rebuilding, Obama has listed it as one of... read more