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Radio Life Interview

I was interviewed last year for a radio industry website. Here’s the transcript: How did your radio passion begin? I loved listening to the radio as a child. It started with CHUM FM, when it was still a rock station. I remember calling up the morning show as a little kid with a joke: “How can you tell Ronald McDonald at a nudist camp? By the sesame seeds on his buns.” I loved Dr. Demento and the... read more

Great State of Radio Piece

This appeared on Bill McMahon’s Personality Radio blog. It pretty much encapsulates much of what’s wrong with terrestrial radio today. The Problem with Ryan Seacrest “On-Air with Ryan Seacrest”is a microcosm of what’s wrong with radio right now. The problem has nothing to do with the show being created in Hollywood and syndicated to local radio stations across the country.... read more

10 Questions (about radio) with Josh Holliday from 2006

I found an old link for this bit I did with All Access, a big radio industry website. They have a weekly feature called On The Beach (an old radio term for being between gigs – guess it’s better than Wallowing in Self Pity, Thinking I’ll Never Work Again.) It was April 2006, after 102.1 the Edge, and before X92.9. Please begin by giving us a brief career history … For the last 13... read more

Personality Radio

Music-based formats on terrestrial radio are in a losing fight, and many are reluctant to use the biggest weapon available – personality. In a world filled with a myriad of musical sources – iPods, satellite, streaming audio – terrestrial radio will lose every single time if it’s just about the music. There will be excuses – “but they don’t have to play commercials!” It doesn’t matter. It matters what you... read more