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The Feed Radio Show

I’ve started work with my old friend Chris on a weekly CBC-style news magazine on 105.9 The Region. Unlike the CBC, there’s only two of us putting the whole thing together. Please have a listen to the first three... read more

Jian Ghomeshi

I always got the pretentious creep vibe from Jian Ghomeshi when I’d see him on television, even before I ever had any interaction with him. In July of 2009 – before I worked at CBC Radio – I saw him at a Just for Laughs “Sarah Silverman and Friends” show at Massey Hall. It was before the show, and he was standing up in the center aisle looking around. I tweeted something to... read more

High School Yearbook

Found this pic while going through an old yearbook. Even then, I seemed to like the... read more

10 Questions with…Josh Holliday was kind enough to feature me in their On The Beach Q&A this week.   BRIEF CAREER SYNOPSIS: I did an On The Beach back in April ’06, and I’m here again.  Hello.  Just to catch you up, since then I landed a gig doing afternoon drive and hosting a Rock magazine show in Calgary (bigger than San Jose, smaller than Dallas).  Then, I worked as an Associate Producer for the... read more