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#33 Josh and a Lady: Lisa Brooke

Lisa Brooke was the first (and second) and she is today’s guest Eileen. We cover a whole lot of ground. Here da links: Steve and Tawny Student massage clinic No soap for 7 years Poop samples Nature’s Path Qi’a Guts and Glory Podcast Lonliness is a killer Sex robots Uncanny valley Washington Post The Current Scrotox Gym bans news channels Worst question to ask singles International Womens... read more

10 Questions with…Josh Holliday was kind enough to feature me in their On The Beach Q&A this week.   BRIEF CAREER SYNOPSIS: I did an On The Beach back in April ’06, and I’m here again.  Hello.  Just to catch you up, since then I landed a gig doing afternoon drive and hosting a Rock magazine show in Calgary (bigger than San Jose, smaller than Dallas).  Then, I worked as an Associate Producer for the... read more