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Birdwalk Empire

They did a great job sending up Mad Men muppet-style, and now it’s Boardwalk Empire, bird-style: And if you haven’t seen the Mad Men... read more

Obama U2 Oops

Was watching the Democratic National Convention tonight, and noticed a bit a poor, though obviously unintentional choice in music. The DNC killed the RNC overall. When Obama was introduced and came out to accept the nomination U2‘s song City of Blinding Lights played. On the surface, no big deal right? U2 played it live at his inauguration, it has  themes of rebuilding, Obama has listed it as one of... read more

Great Television

Over the last few years there’s been a television evolution. As the “big 3” then the “big 4” started to face stiffer competition from cable outlets and premium services, something amazing happened. Really, really good TV. Not so long ago, film and television operated in different worlds. TV actors would very rarely get a shot at big film roles, and more importantly, many of... read more

Eastbound and Down Season 3 Preview

I love this show. Kenny Powers is one of the greatest characters on television. read more