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Hero Charles Ramsey given the autotune

Yet another great piece autotuning the news from The Gregory Brothers: read more

David Attenborough and Blind Baby Rhino

I’m a huge animal lover, and an equally huge fan of David Attenborough‘s legacy of work in this area. He’s amazing. From his Blue Planet and Planet Earth to his most famous Life series, he does fascinating work. This is a great clip of him interacting with a baby rhinoceros with... read more

Yelling Goats!

I love animals, and  love odd things…and this is both. The first supercut of goats yelling came out a few weeks ago, and now a second one that I thought I’d share here. You will be unable to resist smiling while watching this. read more

Oscar Alternative Host Andy Samberg

I thought Seth MacFarlane did a decent job with the Oscars. Pretty much what people who know his oeuvre expected. The night before the main event, the indie film community had their party, featuring Andy Samberg. I laughed at both opening monologues, but moreso at the (film) Independant Spirit Awards. For your dining and dancing... read more