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Mr. Lube Commercials

I love the vibe of a couple recent television commercials for Mr. Lube. The first one from 2011 is called Dear John and features a lead character that looks a lot like Gary Cole from Office Space. The most recent one called Keep on Rockin’ features a song from Loverboy and a perfect portrayal of “that guy” from the 80s. Really fun stuff from Rethink. Here they... read more

smash, smash, SMASH!

As promised, here’s the autotune of Kai the Hitchhiker…... read more

Your Next Viral Autotune Superstar

I can almost guarantee this guy will be the next autotune celebrity treatment. Need an example: The Bed Intruder. When the autotune comes out, I’ll post it here.  ... read more

Most Sane and Most Insane Responses to Obama Victory

I’ve found two video clips that highlight the best and the worst responses to Obama’s reelection. We’ll start with the insane, because it’s always more entertaining. Despite the long stretches of blackness, this is a video, though the audio is the best part. Audio NSFW: Unfortunately imbedding is disabled, so you’ll have to visit Obama Was Re-Elected – I’m pissed... read more