Craigslist Catch of the Day

Ladies? This ones for you. Now, if he ever gets a date, will he hire someone to feed him his side of a conversation over an earpiece?

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  1. Nicole says:

    “I was born in the French Quarter of a McDonald’s in Patagonia to a disgraced schoolteacher and a blind autocrat. Neither of them were my real parents. My young days were filled with wandering the docks writing poetry and fighting the local toughs – the seagulls and terns – for territory and discarded french fries. I came to Canada as a stowaway on a freighter and landed in the port of Montreal, working my way across the country as an itinerant iPhone repairman, in the company of an aging drag Queen named Polly Darton (en francis, Dar-TON) who taught me the ways of the flesh, but not of the heart. And so my journey begins where it ends, here, where I am left looking for that last of all great mysteries, love.”

    Will that reel one in, dya think?

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