Radio Creative

I just moved, and in the process of combing though my stuff, I found a couple of retainer CDs with commercials and promos I’d written and voice directed while working in creative departments for CFNY, The Edge, Q107, Talk640 and Mojo. If you’ve spent any time listening to Toronto radio over the last 20 years, I’m sure you’ll recognize some familiar voices (listed at bottom of page).


Q107 Spots and Promos from the early 00s:

(Producer: Gary Whidden)

102.1 The Edge Spots and Promos mid-90s:

(Producers: Jim McCourtie and Rob Johnston)

CFNY Spots and Promos from early 90s:

(Producers: Bob Lehman, John Masecar, Steve Vaughan)

VOICES: David Kaye, Jamie Watson, Don Berns, Humble Howard Glassman, Scot Turner, Bob Lehman, Clancy Hoy, Gary Whidden, Joanne Wilder, Alan Cross, Dani Elwell, Martin Streek, Cap’n Phil Evans, Joe Bowen, Stew Meyers, Scary Pete Cugno, Greg Williams, Danielle Holke, Steve Vaughan, Noni (If I left anyone out, let me know!)