Josh was Afternoon Drive Host at Modern Rocker X92.9 in Calgary (Pop. 1,200,000+).


#1 Men 18-34 (20.3 Share)

#1 Men 25-34

#2 Men 18-49

#2 Men 25-54

#2 Adults 18-34

#2 Adults 25-54

Summary of 6 previous ratings periods here.

Josh has been twice-nominated for a Canadian Comedy Award in radio. Here’s a news item on E!

Voted Favorite Local Radio Personality (commercial radio) in FFWD Magazine’s Best of Calgary issue.

A March 2010 interview about Josh’s radio experiences here.

Artist Interviews Archive

Taunting Telemarketers Archive (where Josh plays with incoming telemarketing calls to X92.9)

The Stalker Archive (A super popular character who called in to “stalk” Josh on X92.9)

Josh specializes in personality radio.

If you’re looking for a radio industry “bible” you’ll do no better than Valerie Geller’s book Beyond Powerful Radio

A few of my favorite personality radio articles:

The Bad Guys are the Good Guys

6 Reasons Radio Listeners Ignore Your Morning Show

Shut Up And Play The Music

…and it’s spelled Josh Holliday not Josh Holiday, though I do enjoy vacations. And yes, it’s my real name, from birth.

Josh Holliday is a versatile radio and on-camera host. On the audio side, he specializes in Personality Radio. He’s performed in pretty much every radio category including commercial, public, satellite, community, and podcast. Just give him a microphone and he’s happy. He’s also quite comfortable in front of a camera, hosting with a combination of curiosity, quirk, and dry wit. In addition to hosting, he’s a multi-award winning copywriter, and master of creating content.  See: Steve and Tawny.


2016 NewsTalk 1280 CJBK Fill-in:

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CBC-style demo:

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Eary 2000s Talk640 Montage:

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Scoped Daily Show:

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X92.9 (Alternative Rock) Montage:

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102.1 The Edge: Morning Show Fill-In:

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BENCHMARKS from X92.9:

The Stalker – Topless and Sunburn

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Taunting Telemarketers – Monster and Smoking
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Bragging Rights
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My Mom
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