The Bad Guys are the Fun Guys

Radio is definitely a business, but the best radio hosts are true artists, not unlike actors, bands, or comedians. Often the most talented, and popular artists in those fields are a “bit quirky.” Radio isn’t that different, and some of the best in the biz are a little different.  This is a great piece on radio talent from Fred Jacobs over at the Jacobs Media blog, and echoes similar... read more

Newsman Brian Williams version of Bust a Move

From Jimmy Fallon, Brian Williams kicks it old school with the Young MC classic. read more

Louis CK Satire

I love Louis CK, was a very early supporter of his stuff, and helped introduce him to Toronto audiences. Still love him. A NY comedian made a parody of his style – I think with a little bitterness thrown in – and it is actually good. I don’t think you have to choose to like one or the other. In any case, judge for... read more

Jason Sudeikis Premier League Promo

Here’s a funny promo for Football – the euro kind – on NBC Sports. read more