Parking Sign Fail

Saw this walking up Bathurst Street this afternoon:... read more

Obama U2 Oops

Was watching the Democratic National Convention tonight, and noticed a bit a poor, though obviously unintentional choice in music. The DNC killed the RNC overall. When Obama was introduced and came out to accept the nomination U2‘s song City of Blinding Lights played. On the surface, no big deal right? U2 played it live at his inauguration, it has  themes of rebuilding, Obama has listed it as one of... read more

Searching for Sugar Man

I book-ended my long weekend with documentaries. Earlier today I watched Searching for Sugar Man. The first thing I need to say is: go see it! It’s a combination mystery and music doc, and fantastic story about a Detroit-based musician – Rodriguez –  who put out two albums in the early 1970s, and then disappeared. The albums flopped in North America, and  Rodriguez, well, disappeared. On... read more

Hell and Back Again

Went to Hell and Back Again (well, I personally didn’t go to hell and back today – that’s the movie title) today at the Bloor Hot Docs Cinema. It’s also out on DVD, but seeing it on the big screen really immerses you in the battle scenes. It juxtaposes and intercuts scenes of one specific soldier in Afghanistan, and at home after returning wounded – both physically and... read more