Dark Knight meets 60s Robin

In honor of all the Dark Knight buzz of late, here’s a melding of the old school and new school Batman.  The short comes courtesy of The Above Average Network, the digital arm of Broadway Video. Be sure to check out Front Desk and The Line.... read more

Mr. Rogers Remixed

I don’t know what to say about this, except it’s amazing and nostalgic. My Dad still tells tales of having to endure my love of the Mr. Rogers show. If you like the “Mr. Rogers” re-mix, the same guy John Boswell has all sorts of similar projects, including The Symphony of Science, on his YouTube channel.  ... read more

100 Classic Guitar Riffs

After I watched this, I thought it would’ve been more fun to listen and guess as many riffs as I could without looking. But that was after. Luckily for you, if you haven’t watched it, you can play. Get a pen and paper and as you’re listening – not watching – write down as many as you... read more

Seacrest Out?

Depending on the dimensions of your browser you might’ve seen this headline on today: …Clark’s... read more