Josh Holliday is a versatile radio and on-camera host.

On the audio side, he specializes in Personality Radio. He’s performed in pretty much every radio category including commercial, public, satellite, community, and podcast. Just give him a microphone and he’s happy. He’s also quite comfortable in front of a camera, hosting with a combination of curiosity, quirk, and dry wit. In addition to hosting, he’s a multi-award winning copywriter, and master of creating content.

Josh was twice-nominated for a Canadian Comedy Award in radio. Here’s a news item on E!

Voted Favorite Local Radio Personality (commercial radio) in FFWD Magazine’s Best of Calgary issue.

A March 2010 interview about Josh’s radio experiences HERE. And an older one from 2006 HERE.

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If you’re looking for a radio industry “bible” you’ll do no better than Valerie Geller’s book Beyond Powerful Radio

A few favorite personality radio articles:

When Talent is Misunderstood

6 Reasons Radio Listeners Ignore Your Morning Show

Shut Up And Play The Music

…and it’s spelled Josh Holliday not Josh Holiday, though he does enjoy vacations. And yes, it’s a real name, from birth.

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Josh was Afternoon Drive Host at Alt Rocker X92.9 in Calgary (Pop. 1,200,000+).


#1 Men 18-34 (20.3 Share)

#1 Men 25-34

#2 Men 18-49

#2 Men 25-54

#2 Adults 18-34

Starting from scratch – a new station on a previously unused frequency. Summary of 6 previous ratings periods here.




BENCHMARKS from X92.9:


If you’re looking for a unique talent that's constantly looking to break the mold, then you’re on the right page. If you’re looking for a "set it and forget it" talent, then move along, Josh isn’t for you!
Christian Hall
VP Brands and Content
Harvard Broadcasting
Working with Josh at X92.9 was super fun. He's a great cohost and knew how to pull the best content out of me. He's also an outside the box thinker. Maybe a little too outside the box. Jk!
Candice Johnson
Mid-day Host 95.9 CHFM Calgary
Rogers Sports and Media
Anytime I experience Josh, across any of his skills – radio, acting, hosting, production, personalitization (is that a word?), I know it’s likely to be smart, witty, milk-thru-the-nose funny, and occasionally very sincere (well, he is still Canadian).
Program Director
89.3 The Current from M.P.R
Josh is a master comedy writer, performer, improviser and producer. He knows the radio medium where he's at home creating and bringing to life characters that make people laugh.
James Roy
Former Program Manager
CBC Radio on SiriusXM



I found a dusty old box in storage, and inside a couple of retainer CDs with commercials and promos I’d written and voice directed while working in radio creative departments for CFNY, The Edge, Q107, Talk640 and Mojo.
I’ve also added a more recent campaign I created and produced for CBC Music.

If you’ve spent any time listening to Toronto radio over the last 20 years, I’m sure you’ll recognise some familiar voices (listed at bottom of page).

CBC Music campaign for the Listen app from 2020:

(Producer: Josh Holliday)

Q107 Spots and Promos from the early 00s:

(Producer: Gary Whidden)

102.1 The Edge Spots and Promos mid-90s:

(Producers: Jim McCourtie and Rob Johnston)

CFNY Spots and Promos from early 90s:

(Producers: Bob Lehman, John Masecar, Steve Vaughan)

VOICES: David Kaye, Jamie Watson, Don Berns, Humble Howard Glassman, Scot Turner, Bob Lehman, Clancy Hoy, Gary Whidden, Joanne Wilder, Alan Cross, Dani Elwell, Martin Streek, Cap’n Phil Evans, Joe Bowen, Stew Meyers, Scary Pete Cugno, Greg Williams, Danielle Holke, Steve Vaughan, Noni (If I left anyone out, let me know!)




Watercooler talk without the watercooler, locker room talk without the misogyny, coffee talk with ALL the caffeine. In depth interviews. Commentary. Laughs. Taking your calls live. Got a beef you want amplified? Use Josh’s megaphone to get it out there.

No whacked-out conspiracy theories.
No alternative facts.
Just real talk.

The goal: authenticity, humour, and most importantly, entertainment.

To reach the show live, dial at 3PM Friday, or leave a voice message or text anytime.

?CALL 647-6-YO-JOSH ?



Beaver Bend’s #1 morning show for 10 years running!

Steve Hammerstone and Tawny Skypunch have hosted a very popular (in the Beaver Bend area) morning show for many years. The show features good old fashioned chit-chat, along with interviews, advice, arguing, pettiness, and water cooler talk.

A few years back, CBC Radio – Canada’s national public broadcaster – asked Steve and Tawny to go out and cover the 2010 Winter Olympics in Vancouver. They had no previous experience with sports, but made the best of the opportunity afforded to them by the CBC, and in part Steve’s dad who is a broadcasting bigwig.

After the Olympics, they were offered an advice show called The Know-It-Alls. They did 50 episodes answering important questions about the world, like “when’s the best time to mow my lawn?” or “what’s the deal with that smoke behind planes?” and “How do I deal with a chatty boss?” Most recently, The CBC has been airing “best of” moments from interviews Steve and Tawny do on their multi-award-winning morning show. Visit them online at