Sound City

If you like music at all, you’ll want to check out the Dave Grohl directed documentary Sound City. It chronicles the history and eventual demise of a run-down recording studio in Van Nuys where some of the best albums of all time were made. Fascinating... read more

New and Noteworthy on iTunes

With the recent passing of my father, I’ve been on a bit of a hiatus from the podcast. I’ll be back soon. Meantime, iTunes put the program in its New and Notable section. read more

Speed doesn’t kill

I’ve always thought the speed limits in Ontario – particularly on 400 series highways were artificially low. This presentation, geared towards Vancouver, is pretty universal in dispelling myths around speed limits and the notion it’s the speed that kills. read more

Josh Holliday Daily Podcast – Show 6

I’ve been super annoyed I have to see windbag Frank D’Angelo on my Facebook feed, and anywhere else for that matter. The man’s vanity knows no bounds. I also check in with new show columnist Kim “Crystal” Ball. She’s a trend watcher, with her finger on the pulse of what’s the next hottest thing. She talks about matchmaking using human pheromones, and gives us a few... read more
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