CJ the Haunted House Carnie

Well, yesterday was the final day of the Canadian National Exhibition – or The Ex as it’s now called. It’s the two-week Fair/Carnival that rolls into Toronto for the last bit of summer. The ride and game trucks will be packing up and heading on the road to the next destination. Last year this day, I talked to CJ, the guy who wears a mask and scares people inside the haunted house... read more

Rich Hill Documentary

Saw an amazing, intimate, sometimes heartbreaking, documentary yesterday. It’s called Rich Hill and won the Grand Prize for docs at The Sundance Festival, and odds are good it will win an Oscar in the spring. For good reason. It’s playing at indie theaters, and is available on demand via iTunes, Google, Amazon and Vudu. Here’s the... read more

Vanilla Radio

Every once in awhile a radio article comes out that is bang-on about personality radio. This is one of them. Mark Ramsey, a radio guru, shares his thoughts on why your morning show might not be working. I’d argue, his thoughts on personality apply to all dayparts. Some highlights for me: Because they’re just not that good It’s true! Radio managers are not famous for spotting and nurturing... read more

Sound City

If you like music at all, you’ll want to check out the Dave Grohl directed documentary Sound City. It chronicles the history and eventual demise of a run-down recording studio in Van Nuys where some of the best albums of all time were made. Fascinating... read more
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