Basic Framework for Evaluating (Radio) Talent

I’ve been a big fan of Bill McMahon‘s thoughts on “the authentic personality” for some time. He details what to look for when choosing radio personalities. EAGLE, Idaho — Nothing is more important to the future of radio than... read more

The Stench of Honolulu

Book recommendation. If you enjoyed the style of Deep Thoughts, you’ll really enjoy The Stench of Honolulu: A Tropical Adventure. Very funny read. Don’t believe me? You jerk! Check out a sample from The New... read more

Minnesota Dreamin’

I was on the Humble and Fred Show on SiriusXM earlier this week, and chatted about my whirlwind last couple months. Back in June, I saw a posting for a morning show co-host position at a station in Minneapolis-St.... read more

Craigslist Catch of the Day: Homeopathy or Witchcraft?

I’m waiting for a future post soliciting “eye of a newt.”... read more

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