Face to Face With Wild Gators

One of my favorite places to visit is the Shark Valley Conservation Area in the heart of the Everglades in Florida. It’s a 14 mile looped path about a single paved lane wide. During the winter months, you’ll find huge gators lying right along the path. During this mid-April solo ride, the temperature was over 90F, so the gators were in the water for the most part. There are no fences or... read more

Sexy Saxophone Serenade

This made me laugh. Alot. And now I can’t get the song out of my head. read more

Eric Tunney 1964-2010

Many people in Toronto might identify Eric Tunney as the guy who co-hosted Ed The Sock for a stretch of time. These people aren’t a part of the comedy community, especially in Toronto. Eric was a favourite among audiences and comedians during the mid-90s, both on and off stage. There’s a whole generation of comics who were inspired by, and guided by Eric, who was always there to offer... read more

Ben Folds Kills Chatroulette

I’ve compared Chatroulette to Russian Roulette (for penises): Click. Click. Click. Click. Click. Cock! The best creative use of the site that randomly matches chatters is done by a guy named Merton…actually an online, not-so-well-kept secret, alter ego of Ben Folds. There are a bunch of videos where he’s at what appears to be his home piano, improvising songs. This time around, he takes... read more