Stalker Plays With Food

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Just when you think it can’t get stranger with my “biggest fan” this call comes in. She’s babysitting again, and feeding the baby…and it goes weirdly downhill from there. Listen:

Stalker Wants to Feed Me

Stalker Babysits

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Well, my biggest fan called again. She was as feisty as ever, and was babysitting. Really! Listen to the call:

Stalker Babysitting Call

Return of the Stalker

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It’s been a few months since I’ve heard from my biggest fan. After her last call, she just kind of disappeared. Well, yesterday she called out of the blue, and explained where she’d been. It was a long call, so I’ve broken it into two parts. Listen:

Stalker September 5th #1

Stalker September 5th #2 

Stalker Shiraz

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shiraz.jpgWell, after last week’s “biggest fan” call I was kind of worried. She seemed to be in a dark place and was pretty salty with the language. This week everything seems back to, ummm…normal? Listen:

 Stalker June 2

Stalker Has New Outlook

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stalker1.bmpMy “biggest fan” called again, and talked about how her retreat has changed the way she looks at things. Have a listen:

Stalker May 14th

My Stalker Returns!

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She says she looks like Gene WilderIt’s been more than a month since I last heard from “my biggest fan.” Apparently she was on some kind of bizarro cleanse and retreat. Listen to the call here:

Stalker May 02

Stalker in Starbucks

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biggestfan.jpgMy “biggest fan” calls in when Candice is filling in for Newsboy. She seems jealpus, but there are other issues:

March 18 Biggest Fan Audio

Stalker says “hello” tersely

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biggestfan.jpgMy biggest fan rung up again, and apparently caught Candice filling in news/traffic for Newsboy on Friday afternoon. She seemed a little put off by it, although she did want to say hello. A terse hello. Listen:

Biggest Fan Call - March 11

Goodbye Charly, Hello Biggest Fan

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biggestfan.jpgCharly walked off into the sunset, and almost on cue my biggest fan (Stalker?) comes back into the picture. It can’t be coincidence. Here’s the call:

Biggest Fan February 29

The end of Charly?

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sunset.jpgNot sure what to make of this one. Charly, or Chuck as he/she’s been calling him/herself called in today to say he/she’s given up on trying to hang out with me. Will he/she really walk off into the sunset? Time will tell.  Here’s the audio:

Charly February 21 

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