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Here are your new words from todays show:

  • Brolimic: A guy who is suffering from bulimia.
  • Complidiss: A back-handed compliment.
  • Digital packrat: An obsessive collector of digital media, for which ample space (disk and physical) may become problematic.
  • Re-re-rehab: A person’s second, third or fourth attempt to enter rehab. See Britney Spears.
  • Scar vendor: Any amateur tattoo artist that distributes and sells tattoos either without a proper license, or without credible experience.
  • Spedestrian: Any person whose walk is the speed of an average man’s run, yet still has natural steps. May cause others in the group to jog in order to catch up.

Great Canadian Laugh Off

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And the winner is…Don Wood. Everybody had a great set, and the toughest thing of all was picking just 1. I’ve been thinking about the process lately, and while the set-up is similar to that of American Idol, it differs in one big way. In American Idol, the singers are basically just doing karaoke, and when you get right down to it, the songs don’t mean a whole lot to them personally. Stand-Up comedians are very attached to the material, as they write it, deliver it, and it’s?based around their personality. It’s personal, and that makes the judging even harder. I tried to be as constructive as possible. I’ve been to the Just for Laughs Festival in Montreal about 15 times, and each time have seen dozens of the best comedians the world has to offer, so I tried to share what help I could.?Calgary’s got some great comedians, and some great comedians in the making. Back to tonight: we had another fantastic sell-out crowd, which helps immensely. Don has a unique style to his act, which will help set him apart when he goes to Toronto to represent Calgary for the big finals, and a shot at the $25,000. I believe the finals will be televised on the Comedy Network, so I’ll definitely keep you posted on an air date.

Another competition rolls through Calgary Yuk-Yuks on Friday March 9th. This time around it’s affiliated with the Just for Laughs Festival. I’ll be a judge for that one as well, though I think the format is more anonymous for the judges.

If you were at any of the shows, feel free to leave some comments. Thanks!

Here’s a picture of me and a pair of the judges (l to r: myself, Jasen, Nancy)


My Mom’s Oscar Review

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To hear my mother’s take on the Oscars, click the link below:


Ha Ha Tonight

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Tonight is the last night of The Great Canadian Laugh Off in Calgary. This is part of a national search, and I’ve been one of three judges in an American Idol style competition. We’ve had full houses the last couple of Tuesdays, and tonight should be no different. All of the finalists from the last three Tuesdays will perform to see who will head to the finals in Toronto and a shot at $25,000. If you’re planning on going, buy your tickets early, as it will sell out. If you do come out, make sure you say hello.


Continuing Edumacation

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Add ‘em to your vocabulary:

  • Accountant sex: Very planned out formalized sex.
  • Ghetto pancakes: Toast covered with butter and syrup.
  • Hostage lunch: A meal purchased by the company you work for, often pizza, and delivered for employees who bosses require them to attend a meeting or work over their lunch hour.
  • Workend: A weekend in which you have to go into the office to get caught up/ahead on work.

Newsboy’s T-shirt

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Over the weekend, Newsboy got a shirt made with his own name on it. I told him, you never see Green Day wearing Green Day T-shirts, or Trent Reznor wearing a Nine Inch Nails T. It would be much cooler if some really hot girl went out and got a Newsboy T-shirt made, then again, we might wait a long (long!) time for that to happen. At least somebody’s wearing a Newsboy shirt. I think I might have to collect some royalties for using the nickname Newsboy which I gave to James Callsen. I also coined the slogan “Fauxhawk…Real News.” Now we just have to get that on a T-shirt.


Mexican Wrestler Jorge (Hor-hay) Holliday

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My alter-ego, Mexican wrestler Jorge “The Taco Snake”?Holliday was in the studio today looking for a fight.


Josh on your TV

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Back in late August of last year, I did a commercial for Best Buy, where I race another guy towards the store. It was a fun?shoot. My wife was Tanya Henley, an actress/comedian I’ve been friends with for?many many years. This guy Bill Turnbull - who’s the drummer in a Toronto band called Debaser - was the other character in the spot, and?a funny, good guy. The commercial ran a whole bunch in the fall, and returned to the airwaves last night during the Flames game. Ironically, a few weeks ago I was kinda pissed off at Best Buy because they screwed up the delivery of my TV by a week. I’m still kinda unhappy with the service I received, but happy I’ll be getting a cheque in the mail soon. Guess it all balances out.

My stunt double and I (I’m the pasty guy on the right):


Bill (on the right)?and his stunt double (wearing a padded suit and red wig:?



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Kind of a boring show this year. Long, with no big dramatic or hugely funny moment. Ellen is likeable, and funny, but it’s kinda fun having someone who might offend the staid Hollywood audience. Word was Sascha Baron Cohen was invited to present, but only if he’d present as himself and not Borat. Too bad. Borat would’ve been the highlight of the show.

I had a bunch of station people over to my swingin’ bachelor pad, and I tied for first in the pool (13/24) with the boss, who immediately fired me. So I gave him my share of the pot, and we’re all good.?

Switchfoot say nice things…

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A listener pointed out that Switchfoot had mentioned me (not by name) on their tour blog. Here’s what they said:

today started visiting a radio station and doing a couple tv spots for canadian tv. i’ve been to my fair share of radio visits with these guys, but this dj seemed to be one of the smarter ones in awhile. he actually asked good questions, which then jon somehow turned into the guitar being a metaphor for songs. i don’t know how that worked, but it did.

See the post here.


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