Cornell in Banff just for X92.9 Listeners

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We just announced today that¬†Chris Cornell would be joining us (and Matt Good) for our One Weekend Only adventure in Banff this November. Friday night it’s Matt Good, then Saturday night at Wild Bill’s, Chris Cornell and his band will take the stage. Small venue, legend of new rock. Pretty amazing. If you were at Cornell’s sold out show at Mac Hall when he was here last, you’d know he plays his solo stuff, Soundgarden, Audioslave, and even some Temple of the Dog.¬† When he was through town recently, I went by his hotel for a chat. He’s a down-to-earth, thoughtful, well-spoken guy, which made the interview pretty smooth-sailing. Here’s the audio:

Chris Cornell Segment #1

Chris Cornell Segment #2

Chris Cornell Blog-Only Bonus Audio

P.S. If you wanna join us in Banff for this once-in-a-lifetime event, be the 9th caller through at 403-238-X929 when you hear Matt Good, or any of Cornell’s bands. Easy peasy.

Beast Interview

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Montreal’s Beast were in Calgary for a show at SAIT. They stopped by X92.9 for a chat. Sounded like this:

Beast Interview Audio

Bad Religion Interview

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On Tuesday, Bad Religion are coming through town for a sold-out show at Flames Central. Jay Bentley from the band checked in from the road, somewhere between Oregon and Washington. Here’s the interview:

Bad Religion Interview

Bloc Party Interview

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Bloc Party were in Calgary for a show this week. Bassist Gordon Moakes called in from Mac Hall for a chat. Here’s the interview:

Bloc Party Interview

Creature Interview

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Montreal’s Creature stopped by the studio for a chat about their recent exploits, including a showcase in New York where Blondie showed up. Here’s the interview:

Creature Interview

Against Me! Interview

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Against Me! are coming through Calgary this weekend. Last time they were through town, it was for an exclusive One Night Only show for X listeners only at the Republik nightclub. This time around, it’s wide open at Mac Hall. Tom Gabel checked in on the phone from Thunder Bay, where the band has a night off. We talked about all sorts of stuff, including a solo album from Tom which shouldmhit in October. Here’s the interview in three parts:

Against Me! Part 1

Against Me! Part 2

Against Me! Part 3

Cirque du Soleil Interview

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The Cirque is in town! Cirque Du Soleil’s travelling show Corteo is in Calgary for a stop until September 7. I was there opening night, and it’s an amazing show. If you haven’t seen a Cirque show before, go see it. And if you have, you already know how engrossing the Cirque experience is. Two of the Corteo performers stopped by my show for a chat about the show, and what the cirque lifestyle is all about. David Figlioli plays the white clown in the show, and Christina Campolongo does some pretty amazing acrobatics and some fun improv as part of her character’s role. Listen:

Corteo Interview

Christina, Josh, David

Deva Dave Stops By

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Re-donk-ulousDeva Dave stopped in to explain the “frosted tips” on guys in Calgary phenomenon. Is it a conspiracy by Calgary hairdressers to make extra buck selling hair dying to dudes here, or is Calgary stuck in a fashion trend that peaked 15 years ago? Listen:

Deva Dave Audio

Hawksley Workman Interview

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Hawksley stopped by the station for the Rock Report to have a chat. He’s in town visiting his brother before heading to Edmonton for their Folk Fest. The new album Los Manlicious hits in August. Listen to the interview:

Hawksley Workman Interview


Ludo Interview

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LudoSt. Louis’ Ludo are out on the Warped Tour, which comes through Calgary on Wednesday. Keyboardist Tim Convy gave me a call on the phone, and this is what it sounded like:

Ludo Chat

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