Top Five Attraction Saboteurs

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It’s hard enough to meet the right girl, let alone take things further along. Men’s Health did a survey of women and found the Top Five things that will turn a woman off quickly. Feel free to add more in the comments section.

  • Less-than-fresh breath: 95%
  • Excessive cologne: 86%
  • Presence of a unibrow: 85%
  • Nasty or long toenails: 84%
  • Pit stains on a shirt: 83%

2 Responses to “Top Five Attraction Saboteurs”

  1. Candi Says:

    2 letters, B.O

  2. Sassy Says:

    I would agree with the list already, I would like to add.
    Bad teeth
    All around personal hygiene
    Rude body functions

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