#6 Josh and a Lady: Eileen Ross

EileenEileen Ross, radio industry vet, formerly of the Humble and Fred Show, and currently with a house fulla baybees takes a seat in the finely appointed Lady Chair this week. We talked about a whole bunch of things, including:


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4 Responses to “#6 Josh and a Lady: Eileen Ross”

  1. Rick C in Oakville says:

    Can’t wait to hear Eileen’s voice again!
    Can I subscribe in Itunes?
    Cheers ya buggers!

    • Josh says:

      Josh: Rick! You can indeed subscribe, and I encourage you to. Should be a link right there on the media player. Thanks.

  2. Janice Morrow says:

    Loved hearing Eileen again…she’s great!!!!

  3. brian says:

    great lady… good to hear eileen again.

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