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NEWSTALK1010 Guest Hosting

I got the taste of a life-long dream over the last two weeks, guest hosting Jim Richard’s afternoon show on NEWSTALK1010. I’ve wanted to host a talk show on CFRB since my mid-teens when I’d call in to hosts like Wayne McLean and Ed Needham. Between 2nd and 3rd year at Ryerson, I actual had a key to the building and had been hired to produce a brand new talk show coming to town. I was... read more

#37 Josh and a Lady: Lisa Brooke

Back at it again with Lisa Brooke. Some of what we discussed: Bad job interview. May is acting like the cruelest month. Come From Away 5 Outer Critics Circle Awards. Get Out movie. G-g-g-ghosts! Dog insurance. My Costa Rica trip. Cohabitation. Group nudity. Dad’s cookies, Jiffy Peanut Butter, Bravo spaghetti sauce. High proof gin. Bad drunk experiences. Sally Yates and Drumpf.   Thanks for being you,... read more

#36 Josh and a Lady: Lisa Brooke

Lisa Brooke is back in the Lady/Eileen chair this week. A great episode for aspiring broadcasters, with a master-class on the art of the radio segue. What did we talk about you ask? Answered: Sibilance Detroit style pizza Leafs! Come From Away Tony noms Suicide barrier on Golden Gate Bridge Anne with an E Hot Docs! Gilbert Nature’s Path Q’ia Superflakes Veggie burgers that look and taste like... read more

#35 Josh and a Lady: Lisa Brooke

After a couple weeks off for vacay and Easter, JAAL is back Y’aal. Links for you: Crying will make you feel better Stand on an escalator Left lane hogs Tire hotel Florida Man outdoes himself Donald Trump crazy from advanced syphilis? Legal pot in Canada Separated at birth Thanks for listening. Please subscribe, and if you feel like being a hero, give us a good iTunes review. Podcast: Play in new... read more