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Louis CK Satire

I love Louis CK, was a very early supporter of his stuff, and helped introduce him to Toronto audiences. Still love him. A NY comedian made a parody of his style – I think with a little bitterness thrown in – and it is actually good. I don’t think you have to choose to like one or the other. In any case, judge for... read more

Jason Sudeikis Premier League Promo

Here’s a funny promo for Football – the euro kind – on NBC Sports. read more

Great Gatsby Visual FX

For as long as I can recall I’ve been fascinated by the behind-the-scenes work that makes television, film, and even stage so realistic. I’m a bit old school and really appreciate the actual concrete set building (and gory effects as need be) but I have to admit the progress green-screen technology has made in taking the viewer to magical places is phenomenal. Here’s a great illustration... read more

Snuffy The Seal – Shark Week

I have always been fascinated by animals that could kill a guy, things that in a pure world would be above us on the food chain. Alligators, snakes, crocodiles, and especially sharks. Ever since I saw Jaws as a (very) young boy, and was even wary of swimming in swimming pools, I’ve been hooked. Typed that before I realized the bad pun. Too late. I’m leaving it. Shark Week’s an annual... read more