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On Thursday, Cheryl Wallach from the Calgary Humane Society brought by another pet up for adoption - as she does every week. This week she also brought along photographer Robin Kuniski, who’s done some work with X92.9 and works regularly for Metro. He took a whole bunch of shots, and lo and behold, Friday morning, I was on the cover of Metro sharing kisses with Chipper the Chihuahua mix. Here’s the shot:


Greg is a Weird Dude

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Greg Beharrell does evenings and weekends on X92.9. Greg is a weird dude. He drinks anywhere from 4-6 litres of diet soda a day. Most of the rest of his diet is boiled chicken breasts and cereal. No milk. We have birthday cake for employees birthdays, greg never has any. Greg hates cake! Listen:

Greg’s Cake Hate 


Chipper the Dog

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Chipper is a Chihuahua and something mix. He’s got a got a Chihuahua look with longer legs, brindle colour and a tail that curves over his back a bit. He’s a friendly little fellow about a year old, looking for a place to call home. He’s super-friendly with people and is quite curious. He gets a little protective with his food bowl, and is sensitive about people examining his feet…so a no kids home would be best. You can get more info on Chipper and plenty of other great pets at The Calgary Humane Society.


Pet Peeves

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angryguy.jpgToday I was talking about Pet Peeves, and soliciting yours. My main ones:

  • People talking, cell phoning and texting in movie theatres or at plays. Even checking the little glowing screen is annoying and douchey.
  • Slower drivers who won’t get out of the left (passing) lane
  • People in front of me at the bank machine who take for-effing-ever.

I was surprised by the volume of calls. I’ll have to make it a regular thing to let people vent. Feel free to add your beefs here. These are the calls:

Pet Peeve Callers

Cisco the Dog

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Cisco came by the studio today for a visit with Cheryl from Calgary Humane Society. He’s a Labradoodle - Labrador/Poodle mix. He’s 11 months old, and apparently came in to the shelter because of allergies and ’cause he’s an energetic guy. When I met him he was a bit shy at first, but he’s a very gentle, loving dog.

Cisco The Dog

My Dad: Hemorrhoids and Pussy

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I used to be embarassed by the things my parents did and said in public. My mom called me Joshy until I was in my 20s. Lately though, I’ve learned that it’s too late to change them, and it’s better (and more fun) to appreciate their quirks. I recently spent some time in Florida hanging with my folks…here’s audio of the story:

My Dad on Pussy ‘n Hemorrhoids


Josh Holliday

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uhoh.jpgOh Hello! Calgary’s New Rock Alternative X92.9 FM is growing and growing, with more and more people making the switch to radio that doesn’t suck.  We celebrated our first anniversary on January 1. You may have been there since the beginning, or perhaps are just now discovering us. If we haven’t been properly introduced yet, I host the afternoon show. It runs weekdays from 2-7PM, which includes the 6 O’Clock Rock Report, an hour of music news, interviews and some damn good music. I love that my show has become a two-way connection and always enjoy interacting with you. You can get in touch a whole bunch of ways:

Phone during the show: 403-238-X929 (9929)

Leave a voicemail: 403-670-0210 x 1851


Social Networking: Facebook, MySpace (let’s be friends!)

Feel free to take a browse through the past years’ worth of blog archives, and make sure you bookmark my blog!!!

Ian Astbury of The Cult at X92.9

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I was pretty excited about this one, as I was a big fan of The Cult while growing up, and even had some singles on vinyl. What’s vinyl? Another time. Another time. Ian Astbury has been on the scene for many years and has a wealth of experience and insight into the “rock” world. Here’s the interview in three parts:

Ian Astbury #1

Ian Astbury #2

Ian Astbury #3


Finger Eleven at X92.9

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Rick and Rich from Finger Eleven stopped by for a chat in the midst of a pretty big tour, and before their Junos appearance. Here’s the interview:

Finger Eleven Audio


Alpha Galates at X92.9

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Alpha Galates stopped by the Rock Report for a chat before their Calgary show. Here’s the interview:

Alpha Galates Audio


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