Rick da Cat

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Cheryl from The Calgary Humane Society stopped by today with a pretty cool, and super-personable cat named Rick. Apparently he has the sociable qualities of a dog in cat form. If Jordan (our office princess, and hardcore cat lady) was ever the villian in a Bond film, this is what she’d look like. Not very scary:


Rambo meets Coldplay

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A new Rambo movie out this week, and came across this tribute.

Mr. Skin

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mrskin.jpgToday we chatted with Mr. Skin, the world’s foremost expert on nudity in mainstream movies. He has a very popular website and a new book, Mr. Skin’s Skintastic Video Guide: The 501 Greatest Movies for Sex & Nudity on DVD. Here’s the interview in three parts:

Segment #1 (What Mr. Skin is, and how it all started)

Segment #2 (Knocked Up)

Segment #3 (Lists)

Jim Gaffigan

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I saw Jim Gaffigan last night at Jack Singer Hall. He’s always been a  favourite from the stand-up world. I own a bunch of CDs but haven’t seen him live. The show was very funny, although, note to Calgary audiences: if it says 7PM on the ticket, it means you are meant to be sitting comfortably in your seat at that time…not arriving at the theatre. There were large groups of people coming in as late as 7:30PM. If I was running the show, I’d give a five minute grace period, then not admit latecomers. People hafta learn. It’s disrespectful for other audience members and even more so for the performers.

Here’s one of Jim’s most well-known bits:

Best Bond?

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bond.jpgThe 22nd James Bond movie, Quantum of Solace, comes out November 7th, and will once again feature Daniel Craig as Bond, James Bond. I thought he was outstanding in Casino Royale and revitalized the 007 franchise. He might even be the best Bond ever. Perhaps better than even Connery. Who do you think the best Bond of all time is?

Take the poll over there —>

Hulk Out!

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thehulk.jpgNow THIS is why the Internet was invented, to share stuff like this.  Here’s a website that lists all 117 reasons why, on the “Incredible Hulk” TV show, Dr. David Banner got angry and turned into THE HULK. Some of the better ones: 

Being mauled by a bear

Being pushed down a mountainside by a bigfoot impersonator

Dealing with a pesky operator in a phone booth (”I DON’T HAVE TWENTY-FIVE CENTS!!!”)

Kicking over a beehive and then being surprised when the bees are mad at him

Being stuck in a cab in New York rush hour traffic - “You don’t understand, I have to be there by 4:00!” - “Hey, mac, it’s rush hour, we ain’t gettin’ there til five, so relax.” - “BUT I HAVE TO BE THERE BY FOUR!!!”

Trying to run away from the nasty prison work camp, only to fall through a rotted bridge, and then being bitten by a rattlesnake

Being fed poisoned sushi

Finn the Dog

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finndog.jpgCheryl from CHS was in this week with a really friendly fellow named Finn. He knows all sorts of tricks, and is eager-to-please. He’s available (along with lots of other great pets) for adoption through the Calgary Humane Society.

Stalker or Not?

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charly1.jpgWell a week after my “biggest fan” told us she wasn’t going to call in anymore, this “guy” calls to tell us how great my “biggest fan” is and how I should give her a chance. Listen: 


No More Stalker?

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littlestalker.jpgI’m not sure what to make of this. My biggest fan was babysitting, and revealed that she doesn’t think she’s going to call anymore. The longest period between calls was about a month, so I’m not totally convinced we won’t hear from her again. In any case here is what might be the final call:

Last Stalker?

Stalker Speed-Dating

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stalker-alert.gifMy Biggest fan (AKA Stalker) calls in, and apparently she’s discovered the world of online and speed-dating. She had two dates in three nights and told us all about them.

January 9 Stalker

January 11 Stalker

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