VP Debate Drinking Game

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The website DebateDrink.com has a drinking game created specially for tonight’s U.S. Vice Presidential Debate. Here are their rules:

Take one sip when:

·         Palin says the words “moose,” “Wasilla,” “earmarks” or “maverick,” mentions the Bridge to Nowhere, or talks about someone being able to see Russia from their front porch.

·         Biden says the word “hope” or “change” or gets angry.

·         General: The word “bailout” is said; Palin’s children Willow, Trig, Bristol, Track and Piper or Biden’s son Beau are mentioned; or the moderator interrupts.

Take two sips when:

·         Palin mentions hunting, anyone sells a plane on eBay or the word “sexism” is used.

·         Biden mentions Amtrak.

·         General: The words “Wall Street” and “Main Street” are used together or one of the candidates doesn’t even pretend to answer the question.

Take a shot when:

·         Palin says, “Thanks, but no thanks,” or the words “18 million cracks” or “glass ceiling” or Troopergate is mentioned.

·         Biden mentions Scranton or refers to John McCain as “My friend John.”

·         General: Tina Fey is spotted.

Finish your drink when:

·         Palin claims to have any sort of foreign policy experience or Biden’s mother is seen in the audience.

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