You Don’t Complete Me

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completeme.bmpI think the romantic comedy catchphrase from Jerry Maguire has it all wrong. If you’re looking for someone to complete you you’ll never be happy. You’re better off trying to make yourself a complete person, then looking for someone who compliments you. I don’t mean vocally, but as a compliment to your life and lifestyle. Greg is weird, which we know. He’s also after someone who completes him. Bzzzt. Bad.  What do you think?

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prostitute.jpgI was talking to a girl last night, and she told me she was headed out to a pub with a guy. She said it wasn’t a date, and that she was single. Now here’s where it gets interesting. The guy had sent her a dozen red roses at work that day, and she sleeps with him regularly. Why? Well, apparently he does quite well for himself, buys lots of stuff for her and treats her well. I’m guessing he thinks they are in a relationship. She’s early twenties, he’s mid thirties. Basically she’s sleeping with this guy for the monetary perks. Is she a prostitute/escort? Does it matter if the guy doesn’t know her side of things?

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Penis Names

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david.bmpNo, this post isn’t about naming penises…we’ll save that for another day. We talked on-air about a British poll that asked women what guy names they associated with larger penises, and also smaller penises. The top ten male names they associate with large weiners:

#10 Dan, #9 Richard, #8 Andy, #7 Chris, #6 Robert, #5 Mark, #4 James, #3 Steve, #2 Paul, and the number one name (British!) women mentally associate with larger pant-snakes?

Dave. (what about the statue of David? Pictured here.)

OK, now the humiliating part. Remind me not to visit Britain anytime soon. Top ten male names they mentally attach to smaller penii:

#10 Nick, #9 Dennis, #8 Barry, #7 (cough!) Josh, #6 Jeremy, #5 Keith, #4 Frank, #3 Nigel (it’s a Brit thing), #2 Brian, and the number one mens name women match to a tiny weiner?

Ray.  Sorry Ray. 

Best Bond?

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bond.jpgThe 22nd James Bond movie, Quantum of Solace, comes out November 7th, and will once again feature Daniel Craig as Bond, James Bond. I thought he was outstanding in Casino Royale and revitalized the 007 franchise. He might even be the best Bond ever. Perhaps better than even Connery. Who do you think the best Bond of all time is?

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Vanity Fair is doing a big issue on their Top 50 soundtracks of all time. The issue will be out next month, with a TV sepcial to follow in December. So far they’ve just released their Top 10, which I think is sorta stinky:

#1.)  (The soundtrack from) “Purple Rain”  (–By PRINCE.) 

#2.)  (The soundtrack from) “A Hard Day’s Night”  (–By THE BEATLES.) 

#3.)  (The soundtrack from) “The Harder They Come”. . . (–reggae music.) 

#4.)  (The soundtrack from) “Pulp Fiction”. . . (–’70s soul music.) 

#5.)  (The soundtrack from) “The Graduate”  (–By SIMON AND GARFUNKEL.) 

#6.)  (The soundtrack from) “Superfly”  (–By CURTIS MAYFIELD.) 

#7.)  (The soundtrack from) “Trainspotting”. . . (–British rock music.) 

#8.)  (The soundtrack from) “Saturday Night Fever”  (–Includes THE BEE GEES.) 

#9.)  (The soundtrack from) “American Graffiti”. . . (–Rock and oldies.)  #10.)  (The soundtrack from) “The Big Chill”. . . (–R&B and soul.)

Lynch has proclaimed Singles the best soundtrack in movie history. I disagree. Right off the top of my head, I’d say Garden State is a stronger soundtrack. Singles might be the best of the 90s, but that’s it. What do you think? Best soundtrack - not including movie musicals or concert films? Sound off!

Dogs n Cats

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boy-2-months.jpgmihow_cat.jpgWith the first appearance of Cheryl from the Calgary Humane Society, I thought I’d ask you whether you are a dog or cat person. I love all types of animals, but have a really soft spot for dogs. I contemplating opening it up to a wider variety of animals, but for now, it’s between the two. Look over there to the column on the right —>

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