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Vanity Fair is doing a big issue on their Top 50 soundtracks of all time. The issue will be out next month, with a TV sepcial to follow in December. So far they’ve just released their Top 10, which I think is sorta stinky:

#1.)  (The soundtrack from) “Purple Rain”  (–By PRINCE.) 

#2.)  (The soundtrack from) “A Hard Day’s Night”  (–By THE BEATLES.) 

#3.)  (The soundtrack from) “The Harder They Come”. . . (–reggae music.) 

#4.)  (The soundtrack from) “Pulp Fiction”. . . (–’70s soul music.) 

#5.)  (The soundtrack from) “The Graduate”  (–By SIMON AND GARFUNKEL.) 

#6.)  (The soundtrack from) “Superfly”  (–By CURTIS MAYFIELD.) 

#7.)  (The soundtrack from) “Trainspotting”. . . (–British rock music.) 

#8.)  (The soundtrack from) “Saturday Night Fever”  (–Includes THE BEE GEES.) 

#9.)  (The soundtrack from) “American Graffiti”. . . (–Rock and oldies.)  #10.)  (The soundtrack from) “The Big Chill”. . . (–R&B and soul.)

Lynch has proclaimed Singles the best soundtrack in movie history. I disagree. Right off the top of my head, I’d say Garden State is a stronger soundtrack. Singles might be the best of the 90s, but that’s it. What do you think? Best soundtrack - not including movie musicals or concert films? Sound off!

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  1. Mark Says:

    Sorry dude, I gotta agree with Lynch on this one. Singles gets my vote. There just aren’t enough albums out there that rock from start to finish.

  2. katie Says:

    uhh…. more of a question ……. who/what’s the name of trent reznors new prodigé that he produces an album with? it was on the rock report a week ago or something.. sorry for being so vague…:(… thx

    Josh says: Hi Katie. It’s Saul Williams you’re looking for. Reznor produced the album and contributes as well. It was released digitally last week. Hope that helps!

  3. katie Says:


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