Don LaFontaine

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Don LaFontaine is one of the most familair voices you know. The king of dramatic movie trailers. He passed away Monday (Sept 1) at the age of 68. His voice has been featured in over 5,000 movie trailers and over 350,000 commercials. Here’s a clip of him and a few of the other well-known movie trailer guys poking fun at themselves:

CFL Neverending White Lights Promo

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This is pretty awesome:

Archie Comics meet Pulp and Sex Pistols

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The Archies are still hanging around pop culture after all these years. First it was their stirring performance of a Sex Pistols classic:

and Pulp:

Ferrell and Foo

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There was a recent benefit put on by brilliant author Dave Eggers for his 826LA charity. One of the performances featured a duet with Will Ferrell and Dave Grohl. This is it:


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I love the idea of fooling the general public. Illusions, pranks, hidden camera stuff, social psychology. Anything that surreptitiously messes with peoples’ heads. Even movies and theatre stuff. In any case, there’s a collective called Improv Everywhere that stage live, large scale events in major cities. They had a brilliant one recently at New York’s Grand Central Station. A similar “freeze” is planned for The Eaton Centre in Toronto. Would love to see something in Calgary. Here’s the Frozen Grand Central:

Rambo meets Coldplay

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A new Rambo movie out this week, and came across this tribute.

Jim Gaffigan

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I saw Jim Gaffigan last night at Jack Singer Hall. He’s always been a  favourite from the stand-up world. I own a bunch of CDs but haven’t seen him live. The show was very funny, although, note to Calgary audiences: if it says 7PM on the ticket, it means you are meant to be sitting comfortably in your seat at that time…not arriving at the theatre. There were large groups of people coming in as late as 7:30PM. If I was running the show, I’d give a five minute grace period, then not admit latecomers. People hafta learn. It’s disrespectful for other audience members and even more so for the performers.

Here’s one of Jim’s most well-known bits:

What’s Eddie Vedder Sayin’

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Sometimes Eddie isn’t the best enunciator. The song on which this is most confusing is Yellow Ledbetter. Thankfully someone’s cracked the code, and shared it with us via YouTube goodness.

Curb Your Enthusiasm

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curb_y0ur_enthusism.jpgCurb Your Enthusiasm is the best show on television. And if you’re in Calgary, you have to wait many months after it originally airs to see this Emmy-award winning HBO series. The sixth season debuted on The Movie Network in Ontario and HBO in the U.S. this past Sunday night. Movie Central here in alberta doesn’t carry it. I sent an e-mail to them and got a pretty generic reply offering various excuses, but it’s not good enough. If Shaw/Corus/Movie Central claims to care about quality programming as they claimed in a recent newspaper ad, then they’ll carry this show. Here’s a link where you can write to them and tell them they should carry it. If enough people ask for it they’ll get it. 

Write to them here:

I want Curb Your Enthusiasm on Movie Central!  


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What have friends of X92.9 the Dudes been up to? They’re playing a show here in town on September 22nd, and will be dropping by our studios at 17th and 2nd to play some live songs. They’ve been holed up in Toronto recently recording a new album and caught the attention of the CBC:

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