I’m a biker

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cruiseliner_menblue.jpgNot in the shirtless leather-vest wearin’ Harley ridin’ way. I bought myself a bicycle. Not some fancy 55-speed touring bike. Not a light-framed, knobby-tired, shock-absorbered mountain bike. I got a three-speed, pearl blue, stylin’ get-around-town bike. And I love it. Seriously, if I could figure out how, I’d make love to it. I rode it home from the bike store - about 40 minutes - and then rode it around my neighbourhood for about an hour after. I haven’t had a bike in a few years. When I was in Toronto I walked everywhere. Plus bicycle theft is a big industry there, and it just didn’t seem worth the effort. Wanna go for a ride? (click the pic to see it in all it’s full-size glory!)

The Stalker

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stalker.jpgHow did it start? Well, it was one regular weekday afternoon in early May. An unusual woman called the show. She seemed to be a big fan, but with some….issues. Since that call, she’s called in once or twice a week to update me on her situation, and profess her - like? - of the show. Over the weeks we’ve discovered more and more about her. We still don’t have a name. Here is the very first call:

First Stalker Call


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douche5.jpgDid an interview with Jay Louis, creator of the website Hot Chicks With Douchebags, and soon to be author of a book by the same name. The interview stirred up some controversy. Lots of Calgary people assume Douchebaggery is just popped collars, but it’s more than that. Douchebags come in all shapes and sizes. Making tough/angry-guy faces and flashing the devil horns when getting a pic taken, 45 degree hat tilt, big glasses, chains, spiky hair, the Gotti-kid look, wigga look, bad tats, mandana, unfortunate facial hair…these are all signs of potential douchebaggery. Here’s the interview in three parts:




Perry Farrell interview

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9249466-9249469-slarge.jpgPerry Farrell was the man behind Jane’s Addiction, Porno for Pyros, and now Satellite Party. He’s also the founder and creative mind behind Lollapalooza. I had a telephone conversation with him where we discussed all these things:

Perry Farrell Segment #1

Perry Farrell Segment #2

Perry Farrell Segment #3

Tom Morello

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tom-morello.jpgGot the chance to speak with Tom Morello recently about Rage Against The Machine, Audioslave, The Nightwatchman and his favourite NHL team, The Calgary Flames. Here’s the audio:

Tom Morello Segment #1

Tom Morello Segment #2

Douchebaggery Expert

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douche.jpgOne of the main things I do on the show is call out douchebags, and there are plenty in Calgary. We’re trying slowly to drive the douche out of Calgary. There are definitely some misconceptions about what constitutes douche. One of the big traits is dropping the devil hand gesture in pics. Dead giveaway of douchiness. But there are plenty more, and tomorrow (Tuesday) just after 5PM, we’ll have the creator of the website Hot Chicks With Douchebags, and soon to be author of a book by the same title. We’ve talked about his site often in the last few months, and tomorrow we’ll have him on. If you have any questions about Douchebaggery - e-mail me. josh@x929.ca

more than words

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some more words for your vocab:

  • Chickchismo: A strong sense of womanly pride: an exaggerated femininity; 2) exaggerated or exhilarating sense of female cunning and womanly wiles.
  • Connectile dysfunction: The inability to gain or maintain an Internet connection.
  • Hasbian: A former lesbian who is now in a heterosexual relationship.
  • Hatriotism: Proving your patriotism by hating the people the government tells you to hate.
  • Kodak courage: An extra dose of courage and the tendency to go beyond one’s usual physical limits when being filmed or photographed.
  • Nicotini: An alcoholic drink that includes nicotine as an ingredient. Usually made with vodka in which tobacco has been soaked.
  • Scratcher: An untalented tattoo artist.
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