Checking in With My Mom

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My mom left a voicemail for me last Sunday, and I didn’t return the call right away, so on Friday, I received a second voicemail from my mom wondering why I hadn’t called her:

Mom’s voicemail

I called her in the afternoon, and we had a long chat. I’ve broken it down into two parts, and keep in mind that Bonnie and Clyde are a pair of Shi Zhu dogs.

Mom Call Part 1

Mom Call Part 2

Telemarketing Trouble

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This time around they offered me a vacation. At the end, the woman says something strange which sounds a bit like a foreign language. Other’s have suggested it might be english. What do you think? Listen:

Communication Breakdown Call

Stalker Babysits

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Well, my biggest fan called again. She was as feisty as ever, and was babysitting. Really! Listen to the call:

Stalker Babysitting Call

Bloc Party Interview

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Bloc Party were in Calgary for a show this week. Bassist Gordon Moakes called in from Mac Hall for a chat. Here’s the interview:

Bloc Party Interview

Against Me! Interview

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Against Me! are coming through Calgary this weekend. Last time they were through town, it was for an exclusive One Night Only show for X listeners only at the Republik nightclub. This time around, it’s wide open at Mac Hall. Tom Gabel checked in on the phone from Thunder Bay, where the band has a night off. We talked about all sorts of stuff, including a solo album from Tom which shouldmhit in October. Here’s the interview in three parts:

Against Me! Part 1

Against Me! Part 2

Against Me! Part 3

Return of the Stalker

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It’s been a few months since I’ve heard from my biggest fan. After her last call, she just kind of disappeared. Well, yesterday she called out of the blue, and explained where she’d been. It was a long call, so I’ve broken it into two parts. Listen:

Stalker September 5th #1

Stalker September 5th #2 

Hello Hi Telemarketer

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Hi HelloThis time around, not a telemarketer, but someone doing a phone survey. Have a listen:

Hello Hi Call

David Cook Request: Denied

Audio, Music, Phonecall, Strange 2 Comments » get requests for all kinds of songs. Some great, some OK, some bad, and some strange. When this guy called asking for David Cook, the name seemed vaguely familiar, and I wish it had remained that way:

David Cook Call

Nickleback Sucks

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nickleback.jpgYes, it’s true. They represent everything that is sh!tty about rock these days. Overwrought singing of lyrics written in the style of a 14-year old boy. Generic middle-of-the-road crap. This caller disagrees. Hear him out:

Nickleback is Great!

And, as a bonus, here’s something I did a few years ago at another radio station in Toronto. We took the banal lyrics of Nickleback, and made a short radio-play:

Nickleback Theatre

Survey Says! Telemarketer

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Survey manWe get plenty of Telemarketers calling to the station, and the occasional survey. I took this survey call about education in Calgary:

Survey Says

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