Greg Kissed My Sister Part 2

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This week was abuzz with news that Greg (X92.9 evening/weekend guy) made the move on my sister who was visiting from Ontario. Was it wrong to put the moves on his good friends’ sister? Was she into it? I followed up with Greg on-air, with said sister live on the line from Greg’s hometown of London, Ontario. Listen to the call:

Makeout Sister Calls In

Josh n Liz

Get Caffeinated

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BuzzIf your idea of breakfast is more along the lines of a jelly donut and a Diet Coke or three, soon you can combine the two. Dr. Robert Bohannon, amolecular scientist who graduated from the Baylor College of Medicine, is the brains behind Encaff, an additive that inserts caffeine into everyday foods while hiding the bitter caffeine taste. Bohannon has already developed Buzzed Donuts and Buzzed Bagels and is working with companies to inject Encaff into gum, breakfast bars and smoothies. Food that has been Encaffienated will contain somewhere between 50 to 100 mg of caffeine, about the same amount as a cup of coffee.

Greg Kissed My Sister

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SisterOne of my sisters was in town from Ontario for a visit. I was tied up on a Friday night with a hockey tourney, so Greg (X92.9 evening/weekend guy) volunteered to take her out downtown. The next day, I found out that she was out ’til 4 in the morning and Greg had taken her back to his lair and gone in for the kiss. Is it breaking guy code to make the moves on one of your best friends’ sister? Take the poll over there –>

And listen to the on-air confrontation here:

Sister Kissing Audio

Hello Hi Telemarketer

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Hi HelloThis time around, not a telemarketer, but someone doing a phone survey. Have a listen:

Hello Hi Call

David Cook Request: Denied

Audio, Music, Phonecall, Strange 2 Comments » get requests for all kinds of songs. Some great, some OK, some bad, and some strange. When this guy called asking for David Cook, the name seemed vaguely familiar, and I wish it had remained that way:

David Cook Call

Facebook Wins

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Do you?In the battle between Facebook and MySpace, Facebook has finally surpassed Myspace for users. I’d given up on MySpace ages ago, though still check my account about once a month. I’ve put links for both my Facebook and MySpace below. Friend me! I love that my show has become a two-way connection and always enjoy interacting with you. You can get in touch a whole bunch of ways:

Phone during the show: 403-238-X929 (9929)

Leave a voicemail: 403-670-0210 x 1851


Social Networking: Facebook, MySpace (let’s be friends!)

Feel free to take a browse through the past years’ worth of blog archives, and make sure you bookmark my blog!!!

P.S. if you’re Facebooking, make sure you know my rules!!!

Cirque du Soleil Interview

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The Cirque is in town! Cirque Du Soleil’s travelling show Corteo is in Calgary for a stop until September 7. I was there opening night, and it’s an amazing show. If you haven’t seen a Cirque show before, go see it. And if you have, you already know how engrossing the Cirque experience is. Two of the Corteo performers stopped by my show for a chat about the show, and what the cirque lifestyle is all about. David Figlioli plays the white clown in the show, and Christina Campolongo does some pretty amazing acrobatics and some fun improv as part of her character’s role. Listen:

Corteo Interview

Christina, Josh, David

Deva Dave Stops By

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Re-donk-ulousDeva Dave stopped in to explain the “frosted tips” on guys in Calgary phenomenon. Is it a conspiracy by Calgary hairdressers to make extra buck selling hair dying to dudes here, or is Calgary stuck in a fashion trend that peaked 15 years ago? Listen:

Deva Dave Audio

Tyler the Dog

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Josh and TylerDesiree from The Calgary Humane Society came by today with a dog named Tyler. He’s almost three, and would do best in a home where he’s not left alone for too long, or where there’s another pet to keep him company. He’s a lonely fellow. He’s pretty low-key, so not too busy a home. You can check him, and tons of other sweet pets out at the CHS website.

Greg is a Weird Dude - Food is Bad

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broccoli.jpgThe more one gets to know Greg (X92.9 evening/weekend guy), the weirder he becomes. According to Greg, there is no food that’s good for you. Every food is inherently bad. Yeah, I know. Listen:

Greg thinks food is bad

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