Jim Gaffigan

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I saw Jim Gaffigan last night at Jack Singer Hall. He’s always been a  favourite from the stand-up world. I own a bunch of CDs but haven’t seen him live. The show was very funny, although, note to Calgary audiences: if it says 7PM on the ticket, it means you are meant to be sitting comfortably in your seat at that time…not arriving at the theatre. There were large groups of people coming in as late as 7:30PM. If I was running the show, I’d give a five minute grace period, then not admit latecomers. People hafta learn. It’s disrespectful for other audience members and even more so for the performers.

Here’s one of Jim’s most well-known bits:

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  1. Sarah Says:

    Jim Gaffagin is hilarious - I think the hot pockets bit is definitely my favorite - keep on rocking Jim!

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