Dogs and a Parrot Fronting Rock Bands

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HatebeakDogs are used for leading the blind, therapy, drug-sniffing, and all sorts of other helpful jobs. But dogs can rock apparently. I came across a band called Caninus, fronted by two pitbulls. And a band called Hatebeak, whose lead singer is a 15-year old parrot. We listen to some audio clips and chat about the phenomenon here:

Singing Dogs n Birds

Alfonso the Cat

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alfonso.jpgCheryl from The Calgary Humane Society came by with a lovely black cat named Alfonso. He’s a staff fave at the CHS, and for good reason. He’s quite sociable and likes human contact. He’s about 4 years old. June is Adopt-A-Shelter-Cat Month, and the first 100 cats adopted will go home with a cat starter kit.

Harry the Snake

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harrysnake.jpgCheryl from The Calgary Humane Society came by with a really cool looking snake. He’s surprisingly friendly and pretty easily handled. He’s an Albino Honduran Milksnake, about 9 months old. He is a constrictor by nature. His diet at this point is tiny little mice called “pinkies.”

Dallas the Dog

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dallasdog.jpgDallas came by the studio with Cheryl from The Calgary Humane Society. He’s a 2-year old lab mix, with a dark chocolate coat and some white markings on his paws and belly. His owner had to give him up when she moved to Calgary, and her roomate had allergies. He’s a friendly, well-trained fellow who knows how to sit, lie down, and even roll over.

Penny The Dog

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pennydog.jpgPenny is a Jack Russell Terrier, and is about 7 or 8 years old. Though she’s older, she’s still full of energy, and would be better suited to a home with someone who is active. A fenced backyard would be even better. She’s quite curious, and has an active mind. You can check Penny (and all sorts of other great pets) out at The Calgary Humane Society.

Cover of Metro daily newspaper

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On Thursday, Cheryl Wallach from the Calgary Humane Society brought by another pet up for adoption - as she does every week. This week she also brought along photographer Robin Kuniski, who’s done some work with X92.9 and works regularly for Metro. He took a whole bunch of shots, and lo and behold, Friday morning, I was on the cover of Metro sharing kisses with Chipper the Chihuahua mix. Here’s the shot:


Chipper the Dog

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Chipper is a Chihuahua and something mix. He’s got a got a Chihuahua look with longer legs, brindle colour and a tail that curves over his back a bit. He’s a friendly little fellow about a year old, looking for a place to call home. He’s super-friendly with people and is quite curious. He gets a little protective with his food bowl, and is sensitive about people examining his feet…so a no kids home would be best. You can get more info on Chipper and plenty of other great pets at The Calgary Humane Society.


Cisco the Dog

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Cisco came by the studio today for a visit with Cheryl from Calgary Humane Society. He’s a Labradoodle - Labrador/Poodle mix. He’s 11 months old, and apparently came in to the shelter because of allergies and ’cause he’s an energetic guy. When I met him he was a bit shy at first, but he’s a very gentle, loving dog.

Cisco The Dog

Fred the Dog

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freddog.jpgI love Fred. He came by the studio today, and he’s such a friendly, fun guy. He’s about a year old and will need someone willing to give him some obedience training. He looks pretty sad in the picture, but his tail is constantly wagging when he’s around people. You can see more about him and all sorts of nice pets at The Calgary Humane Society. 

Chaplin the Dog

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Meet Chaplin. He was by the station earlier today. He’s an older fellow (around 10) with a mellow disposition. Really likes to be with people and being petted. He’s a Bullmastiff mix…though slightly smaller in stature than a typical Bullmastiff. You can check him and all sorts of other great pets at The Calgary Humane Society.


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