Hello Hi Telemarketer

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Hi HelloThis time around, not a telemarketer, but someone doing a phone survey. Have a listen:

Hello Hi Call

Deva Dave Stops By

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Re-donk-ulousDeva Dave stopped in to explain the “frosted tips” on guys in Calgary phenomenon. Is it a conspiracy by Calgary hairdressers to make extra buck selling hair dying to dudes here, or is Calgary stuck in a fashion trend that peaked 15 years ago? Listen:

Deva Dave Audio

Greg is a Weird Dude - Food is Bad

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broccoli.jpgThe more one gets to know Greg (X92.9 evening/weekend guy), the weirder he becomes. According to Greg, there is no food that’s good for you. Every food is inherently bad. Yeah, I know. Listen:

Greg thinks food is bad

Nickleback Sucks

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nickleback.jpgYes, it’s true. They represent everything that is sh!tty about rock these days. Overwrought singing of lyrics written in the style of a 14-year old boy. Generic middle-of-the-road crap. This caller disagrees. Hear him out:

Nickleback is Great!

And, as a bonus, here’s something I did a few years ago at another radio station in Toronto. We took the banal lyrics of Nickleback, and made a short radio-play:

Nickleback Theatre

Worst Songs of All Time

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Ice Ice BabyAccording to a new list compiled by editors of Spinner.com, Baha Men’s hit Who Let The Dog’s Out? has been named the worst song of all time. The track, which topped charts around the world in 2000, beat off tough competition from rapper Vanilla Ice’s Ice, Ice Baby, who landed at number two. Others on the worst list include Ricky Martin’s She Bangs and Los Del Rio’s Macarena. Add your faves in the comments section! Check out the complete list below:

1. Who Let The Dogs Out  Baha Men

2. Ice, Ice Baby Vanilla Ice

3. She Bangs Ricky Martin

4. Barbie Girl Aqua

5. U Can’t Touch This MC Hammer

6. I Am Woman Helen Redey

7. I’m Too Sexy Right Said Fred

8. Ebony And Ivory Paul MCCartney And Stevie Wonder

9. Macarena Los Del Rio

10. My Heart Will Go On Celine Dion

Listen: Song Montage

Greg is a Weird Dude - Pita

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Pita PitGreg (X92.9 evening/weekend guy) and I often get pitas from our pal Cregg at the 17th Ave. Pita Pit. Sometimes I’ll head over there to get Greg’s pita, and I take his order. What is his usual Pita Pit order? Triple-chicken and honey mustard. Period. No veggies at all. Seems kinda strange, but as usual he has some twisted logic to explain:

Greg’s Pita

Greg is a Weird Dude - Chili

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Greg (X92.9 evening/weekend guy) was headed out to do a live-on-location broadcast at Chili’s. It turns out Greg has an aversion to chili and stew (among many, many other foods except for Diet Cola, chicken breasts and dry cereal). He explains his disdain here:

Greg disses chili


Greg is a Weird Dude - Showering

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ShoweringIs it really neccesary to shower more than once in an 8-hour period, if all you’ve done is sit behind a desk and talked occasionally. Especially if, like Greg, you claim to never sweat, even when strenuously excercising? Well, Greg thought he needed a shower before the movie, the second shower in 8 hours. Listen:

Greg wants a shower

Greg is a Weird Dude - Restaurants

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MMM...plain white riceGreg and I often hang out and go to grab food at restaurants. Trying to find a restaurant that meets with Greg’s strict, but crazy, needs is a giant pain. We recently went to a restaurant in an old house, with a really nice diverse menu. I found it delicious! Whitebread (Greg) didn’t enjoy it nearly as much. Listen:

Greg and Restaurants

Greg is a Weird Dude - Good Fat

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goodfat.jpgI enjoy almonds, and other foods that contain “good” fat. Fat your body needs to be healthy. Greg, who is really thin - almost fat-free - believes there’s no such thing as good fat. Listen:

Good Fat Audio

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