Beerfest Stalker

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Bit of a backstory for this one. I was at Beerfest on the Friday before this call. Earlier on this Monday show, I mentioned that some Paris Hilton looking girl had come into the RV. I had finished my show and spent some time in the beer area, so I was a little tipsy. This girl was with a few friends and she sat right beside me. She took out her cell phone and said that she’s gonna videotape this. She then pointed the camera toward her and I, and I jokingly said, it would be funnier if we were making out…and then it happened. We made out. I then gave her some tips on how to be a better kisser. Mostly slow it down. In any case, my “superfan” heard me talking about this on the air and called in:

Beerfest Stalker Call

Sunburned Stalker

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Last time we spoke to her, she was sunbathing. Topless. In her front yard. On a busy street. A few days later, we get this call, The 7th:

Sunburned Stalker Call

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