X92.9 Can throw a partay

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The Western X!If you’re a smart advertiser, you likely received an invite to the X92.9 Client Stampede Party. Of course, as with most fun station events, they scheduled it during my show. It wasn’t too bad though, as it went past 7. Everyone seemed to be having a good time, and we even got a mention from The Herald’s Tonya Zelinsky who said it was the best Stampede party she’d been to so far. It was the first Stampede party we’ve thrown and promises to be a pretty sweet annual event. How do you get in? Make friends with our sales team! Read Tonya’s account.

Oh Air Canada

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wait and wait and wait some moreA couple of weeks back at Virgin Fest, I did a long interview with Stars. They spent quite a bit of time detailing their dislike of having to rely on Air Canada. They related a slogan one of their friends had come up with: Air Canada, we’re not happy ’til you’re not happy.

It was amusing, though I figured airline travel in general can be a pain. Last week I travelled to Toronto for my vacation. I flew Air Canada. On the way there, the flight was 10 minutes early. Early! On the way back though, not so much. The flight was scheduled to depart Toronto at 8:40PM. I was there in the lounge about an hour before this time. At about 8:15 after all the passengers from the incoming flight had deplaned, a voice came over the intercom saying that there would be a delay because they had to replace a part in the cockpit, and they had to go retrieve it from the hangar. Half hour later, the part is the wrong fit, and they’re going to find another plane for us. It’s another arriving plane. We’re told to move to the new gate, and then we wait for the plane to arrive, and the incoming passengers to de-plane. Just before we board the new plane, we’re told that the seatback entertainment units in the plane are not functional, and that “maybe” we’ll get some extra Aeroplan miles when we get to Calgary. We board the plane, taxi out, and then wait on the tarmac…for another 40 minutes or so. Because we had changed aircrafts, they needed to get the load information to the new plane and put it in the computers. The flight ended up arriving into Calgary about two hours late. And there was nobody at the gate offering any sort of Aeroplan miles…not that I even collect!

The irony is that the seat I had both ways was front, centre of the economy class…one of only two seats on the aircraft that doesn’t have in-seat units (because there are just two Exec class seats in front). These seats cost me full fare, and no Aeroplan miles. I don’t collect them. How about this: “sorry for your inconvenience, here’s a credit for future travel on our airline.” Maybe next time. Any airline horro stories? Do share. 

Lazy Blackbooking

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littleblackbook.jpgIf you think writing in a Little Black Book is so 20th century, a New York man is helping peoplemaintain sex logs in cyberspace. Myblackbook.org allows users to upload photos and record theirsexual encounters. The site then provides graphs and charts to keep track of their conquests.

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