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buffguy2.jpgI’m pretty excited to be getting in shape. Before I moved to Calgary at the beginning of the year, my main exercise was hockey twice a week, lots of walking, and occasionally using the gym in my building. Since arriving in Calgary, I’ve been pretty inactive. Just started playing hockey again, and am starting a new program.

I’ve hooked up with True Fitness Wellness and Spa, where I have a plan tailored to me. I’ll be meeting with an in-house nutritionist to help get my bad eating habits on track. Physically I’ve started a personal training regime with Ken Andrukow. Ken was an exec in the corporate world, but decided to pursue his passion for fitness. He’s created a pretty amazing facility. One side is dedicated to training with all the latest equipment, and rooms for yoga and pilates classes. The other side features a beautiful spa with pedicure/manicure area, a couple of rooms for skin care, and my favourite - massage rooms. My muscles will definitely need some work by weeks’ end.

One of the things I like about True, is that you can’t just walk in any old time and randomly move from machine to machine. If you’re in there, you’re with your personal trainer. This is good because it forces you to get the most out of your time cause there’s someone giving you a little push, but I think it makes it a more professional environment to work out in. Ken isn’t like a drill sargeant, which is nice…he works you hard, but in a calm way. You can’t beat the sore muscles you have after a good workout, cause you know your body is changing for the better.   

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  1. AT Says:

    Notwithstanding your enthusiasm Josh, this smells of imbedded advertising to me - on the blog and on the air.

    Josh says: In the interest of full disclosure, True Fitness Wellness and Spa is advertising with X92.9, and training Lynch and I. Outside of the radio ads, the blog stuff and on-air chat is pretty much at our own discretion, and I’m pretty excited about getting back in shape.

  2. Ken Says:

    Yes we are an advertiser on X, however, Josh and Lynch are putting in real effort to get themselves into a healthy lifestyle. My guess is that they will workout with us long after the advertising stops. We at True are putting our reputations on the line. We will try to take two admittedly out of shape guys and in four months, make dramitic positive changes to their bodies and eating habits. We will be posting real before and after pictures of them as well as measurements and weights.

    Stay tuned and see them change and listen to how it effects all aspects of their lives in positive ways. And hey come in and try to keep up with them durring a workout.

  3. Sarah Says:

    Way to go Josh! You can do it!

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