Telemarketing Bankruptcy

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Bankrupt!We get plenty of telemarketing calls at the station, and quite a few are credit card offers. Would they offer a credit card to someone just about to declare bankruptcy? Listen:

Bankruptcy Telemarketer

I Love Cereal

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Boooooberrryyyyyy!It seems to be a guy thing. Guys love cereal. Perhaps it’s the ease of filling a bowl with cereal goodness, then simply pouring in some milk. We talked about the phenomenon of sugar cereals, cereals generally and took some calls. Mmmm. Cereal.

Cereal Talk

Cereal Callers #1

Cereal Callers #2

Stalker Shiraz

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shiraz.jpgWell, after last week’s “biggest fan” call I was kind of worried. She seemed to be in a dark place and was pretty salty with the language. This week everything seems back to, ummm…normal? Listen:

 Stalker June 2

Telemarketer and Lonely German Man

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oldgermanman.jpgGot a call from a telemarketer. This time I thought it would be fun to be a lonely German man. Yes my accent is pretty bad, but I still think it’s a fun call. Here it is:

Telemarketing and a Lonley German Man Audio

Sexy Randall the Telemarketer

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telemarketing.gifI get the occasional telemarketing call on my show, and Randall had trouble accepting his sexiness:

Sexy Randall Calls

Hello Telemarketer

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telemarketing.gifLike pretty much everyone, I receive telemarketing calls from time to time. I even get them at the radio station. Today, it was someone trying to offer me a credit card. We had a friendly chat. Listen here:

Hello Telemarketer

Stalker Has New Outlook

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stalker1.bmpMy “biggest fan” called again, and talked about how her retreat has changed the way she looks at things. Have a listen:

Stalker May 14th

My Stalker Returns!

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She says she looks like Gene WilderIt’s been more than a month since I last heard from “my biggest fan.” Apparently she was on some kind of bizarro cleanse and retreat. Listen to the call here:

Stalker May 02

Pet Peeves

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angryguy.jpgToday I was talking about Pet Peeves, and soliciting yours. My main ones:

  • People talking, cell phoning and texting in movie theatres or at plays. Even checking the little glowing screen is annoying and douchey.
  • Slower drivers who won’t get out of the left (passing) lane
  • People in front of me at the bank machine who take for-effing-ever.

I was surprised by the volume of calls. I’ll have to make it a regular thing to let people vent. Feel free to add your beefs here. These are the calls:

Pet Peeve Callers

Stalker in Starbucks

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biggestfan.jpgMy “biggest fan” calls in when Candice is filling in for Newsboy. She seems jealpus, but there are other issues:

March 18 Biggest Fan Audio

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